A prescription for those about to embark on a job interview - by Jemima Mitchell

A prescription for those about to embark on a job interview - by Jemima Mitchell
“I love job interviews” said no one, ever.⠀
Here are some tips to get you through the potentially uncomfortable process of interviews:⠀
➕ Lead with confidence⠀
This is THE most important point we can offer here. Do NOT forget what you have to offer. So often we are wired to walk into an interview to convince a new employer why they should hire us, forgetting that they would be lucky to have us. Never forget your self worth. You are fabulous.⠀
➕ Sleep⠀
We know, this one is hilarious. As if you will sleep. You must be so nervous. But, try.⠀
➕ Breathe 
3 times. In and out. In the waiting room of where the big interview will take place.
➕ Preparation⠀
Know the role and know yourself. It is that simple. Do not spend 10 hours revising the mission statement, the organisational structure or the types of fonts they use on the website. Know YOU.⠀
Also, know where to go - physically. If you are worried, drive there, park there, walk there in advance with all that pent up, nervous energy, why would you want to get all flustered about left and right turns. FOCUS.⠀
➕ Presentation⠀
Wear something you are comfortable in - this does not mean your jeans and converse runners but it does mean black pants with some elastic as opposed to the high-waisted black pants that are so tight you can’t breathe and shed a tear every time you emphasise your passion for the potential role. Also, do not wear a hot pink bra under a sheer white shirt - silly. ⠀
➕ Take your time.⠀
There is no rush. Have you ever walked out of an interview and thought “I spoke too fast”? Nerves/adrenaline are important and encourage progress. But, if you didn’t hear the question, feel free to say “sorry, can you repeat the question?”. This indicates a confident person who knows what they want to say but also has awareness around what is appropriate in a specific circumstance.⠀
➕ Figure out the ‘why’⠀
There is nothing more attractive in life/business than someone who knows themselves and their boundaries. Why do you want this job? How do you fit in to the program they are offering?⠀
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