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In-Charge: Powder Pink/Apple Green/Mellow Yellow Compression Socks 3-Set
$64.00 $80.00
Size Guide Besties for your feet! Evidence-based research tells us that compression socks can improve blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and absorb shock - sounds like a much happier nurse at the end of a shift to us!
Round Protective Eyewear 2.0: Rosé
Stylish eyewear needs to be protected!  Our Sistasaidso+ Round Protective Eyewear 2.0 release comes with a matte black, hard, embossed, trifold case with a magnetic closure.  The hard case was a request from some of the sistas (most likely those guilty of throwing their eyewear in the bottom of their bag at the end of a shift!).  The case is collapsible for easy storage and has a luxe lining to avoid unwanted scratches and damage. Sistas all around the world are wearing their PPE eyewear on their heads!  This is because most currently available protective eyewear does not cater for the modern day nurse.  Sistasaidso+ protective eyewear offers all the features to allow our sistas to feel stylish, protected and comfortable.  
Pills and Crosses Mix & Match Earring Set
Sistas, your style prescription has been dispensed. Possible side effects: an overwhelming sense of style, jealous colleagues, addiction.  
Sista Floss 2.0 Fob Watch
Sista Floss she’s fun, she’s pretty, she’s energetic and she’s very sweet. Due to popular demand, Sista Floss is back... and now she knows the date!! Sistasaidso+ fob watches are injecting style back into the nursing profession.  Designed by nurses, for nurses.  
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