We are the sistas who said so!

Jemima and Sarah met whilst working in the clinical setting as paediatric nurses and have a combined experience of almost 2 decades. They share a passion for educating, nurturing and supporting junior nurses and have always dreamed of making a greater impact on the wellbeing of their colleagues. Combined with their passion for fashion the Sistasaidso+ brand was born. 

They are on a mission to empower nurses by combatting self-doubt, overcoming imposter syndrome and tuning out negative self-talk.  In short, they want their brand to say "sista, you've got this".

"Nurses deserve to look and feel good in the workplace"

Sistasaidso+ is an Australian based business created to empower, inspire and connect with nurses. Sistasaidso+ recognised a gap in the market and decided to create a community and a brand of apparel and accessories that represented the needs of modern nurses.

A uniform plays an important role in shaping a nurse's identity; helping people to feel comfortable and confident is the Sistasaidso+ mantra.  The exceptional quality and unique style of Sistasaidso+ products sets them apart in the industry and it is for this reason that they are the go-to-brand for nurses.

Sistasaidso+ is more than just the products; it's also about the thoughts behind the products and the feelings nurses have when they wear them.  

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