5 Ways To Celebrate International Nurses Day

5 Ways To Celebrate International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day is a global event celebrated on May 12th each year to honour the hard work and dedication of nurses. The date is hugely significant as it coincides with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing. In Australia, International Nurses Day provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the tireless efforts of our nurses and appreciate the critical role they play, especially during health crises.

In honour of this special day, we're sharing five simple yet effective ways to celebrate and show appreciation for our healthcare heroes, making their day as special as the care they provide.


1. Express Gratitude

One of the most sincere ways to celebrate International Nurses Day is by expressing gratitude. Nurses, with their hard work, unwavering dedication, and compassion, are the backbone of healthcare. A simple 'thank you' can go a long way in making them feel appreciated.

You could express your gratitude by sending a heartfelt message, writing a card or letter, or even surprising a nurse in your life with a unique gift that shows your appreciation. Tailor-made compression socks for nurses are an excellent gift as they provide comfort and style while promoting healthy blood circulation. Or, a nursing-inspired sleep mask makes a wonderful present, while an off-duty sweater is a stylish and comfortable reminder for nurses to enjoy their days off!

A thoughtful gift is a fantastic way to express your gratitude this International Nurses Day!

2. Donate To A Nursing Organisation

Donating to organisations like the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) Foundation is a meaningful way to honour the nursing profession. These donations are crucial in supporting the daily work of nurses, providing resources for professional development, and providing scholarships.

By supporting foundations such as the ACN Foundation, you can contribute to the future growth of nursing and a healthier society. Consider donating today to celebrate and empower our nurses. Your gift can create a lasting impact.

3. Sport Some Nursing Accessories

If you want to express your support this International Nurses Day, why not add healthcare-inspired accessories to your uniform? This not only shows your appreciation for the day but also adds a fun twist to your work attire. You can opt for healthcare-inspired earrings or other pieces of jewellery that stylishly pay tribute to fellow nurses and the day!

RN Earrings for nurses in rose gold

Image: RN Earrings in Rose Gold

4. Sharing Stories On Social Media

Social media can be an impactful way to honour our nurses. A simple post can reach and resonate with thousands, if not millions, around the globe. Sharing a personal story about your experiences with a nurse can provide a heartfelt insight into their dedication and commitment to patient care. It’s about sharing those instances where a nurse made a difference in your life or the life of a loved one. This International Nurses Day, show your gratitude by using the hashtag #internationalnursesday to recognise nurses for their invaluable contribution to society. Don’t forget to include #sistasaidso so we can be a part of the journey too!

5. Participating in Local Events

Let’s not forget about the vibrant local events honouring International Nurses Day! These can range from charity runs to community picnics, and they're a great opportunity to come together and show our love for our nursing heroes. Whether you choose to participate in an organised event or create one of your own, you'll have the chance to connect with your community, honour our nurses, and spread positivity. So, why not get involved? Joining in is a fantastic way to show your support, celebrate our nurses, and spread some good vibes!

This International Nurses Day, join Sistasaidso+ in showing your appreciation for nurses — whether by giving a gift, attending an event, or donating to a worthy cause. Let's take the time to recognise the hard work and dedication of nurses who care for and improve the health outcomes of our community!


Image: Overtime Capri Blue "You've Got This" Compression Socks

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