Sista Stories

  • A prescription for those about to embark on a job interview - by Jemima Mitchell

    “I love job interviews” said no one, ever.⠀ Here are some tips to get you through the potentially uncomfortable process of interviews:⠀ ⠀ ➕ Lead w...
  • 'A Paramedic's Story'- by Lizzy Cole

    "I think there is this common misconception that being a paramedic is all gore, trauma and adrenaline. It’s a job where you ‘save lives’. This is true but also not the majority of what we do." 
  • Dear First Year Me - by Jemima Mitchell

    Dear first year me,

    Congratulations, you did it. You survived all those late nights of writing last minute essays and studying for exams while still trying to maintain a social life and work a part-time job (in between working for free on placements). And now you are a nurse - no training wheels, no one looking over your shoulder. It’s like, one minute it was all eyes on you, waiting for you to make a mistake, and now, you are the same person but no one is watching. You must be terrified.

  • Do Nurses Eat Their Young? - by Jemima Mitchell

    The term “nurses eat their young” is an expression, used globally, amongst the nursing profession. Let me assure you that this does not refer to cannabalism or to the physical act of humans eating other humans. Instead, it is a term which refers to bullying within the nursing community. ⠀
  • You may be thinking, "why sista?" - by Jemima Mitchell & Sarah Catling Seyffer

    Some of you might be wondering why we are using the word ‘sista’ in this modern world.  Perhaps you think it sounds old-fashioned or maybe even sexist.  Throughout our nursing careers however, the term ‘sista’ has been one of endearment and unification.  
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