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Scrubs off stethoscopes down! Wear an OFF DUTY™️ hoodie or sweater on your days off to remind you to take some time to relax and recharge. Our hoodies and sweaters, designed for nurses, combine your identity as a nurse, with a sense of style and maximum comfort on your days off.
Hoodies & Sweaters for nurses
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Would the OFF DUTY™️ Hoodie & Sweater range make a good gift for a nurse?

Yes, this is the ultimate nurse gift. It screams “I see you, I appreciate you and I want you to look after yourself!”. Being a nurse is not just a profession; it’s an identity. Our OFF DUTY™️ range, including our hoodies and sweaters, serves as a physical reminder to switch off and get into the OFF DUTY™️ mindset. Fact: when the scrubs are off, the heart of a nurse still beats strong.

What’s unique about the OFF DUTY™️ Hoodie & Sweater range?

In addition to the high-quality and unique design, the OFF DUTY™️ Hoodies and Sweaters are statement pieces for every nurse.  The versatility of this range means that nurses can wear them to and from work, before and after a gym session, snuggled up on the couch, on a brunch-date (bottomless or otherwise!) and so much more! The OFF DUTY™️ range celebrates a nurse’s identity, incorporates comfort and style and holds a powerful message that you are OFF DUTY™️.

Are the Hoodies and Sweaters unisex?

Absolutely! Our OFF DUTY™️ hoodies and jumpers embrace all, regardless of gender. Crafted with a relaxed fit in mind, they're perfect for every nurse. Remember to check our size guide to find your ideal fit.