Collection: Earring Dispensary

Welcome to the Earring Dispensary, where we believe in injecting a sense of style and fun!
At Sistasaidso+, we understand the unique blend of professionalism and personality that defines every nurse. That’s why we’ve crafted our range of nursing earrings with a playful nod to the healthcare world and an opportunity to let your personal style shine.

RN Earrings for nurses in rose gold

What makes the Earring Dispensary special?

It’s where nursing meets novelty! Our Earring Dispensary is dedicated to injecting style, fun and identity into every nurse’s uniform.
Think of our earrings as your go-to healthcare accessories that celebrate the spirit of nursing.

Are these nursing earrings suitable for work shifts?

YES, absolutely! While our earrings are designed with style in mind, we recognise that all workplaces have safety and dress code standards that need to be adhered to. Our earrings combine the essence of nursing with everyday style.

What’s the ‘health report’ on these earrings? Are they safe for sensitive ears?

Absolutely, Sista! Our earrings are the epitome of health-conscious glam.  Within our earring dispensary, we offer a range of hypoallergenic stainless steel and 100% nickel-free designs for those with sensitive ears. We recommend checking the product descriptions of the set that you are eyeing off, to confirm the materials prior to purchase. There’s something for every ear!