Collection: Scrub Caps

In a world surrounded by bright lights and sterile fields, this scrub cap multipack will inject some much-needed style and colour into those mundane clinical spaces! Made from 100% breathable cotton, these scrub caps ensure comfort while making sure you stand out. Bonus: a built-in terry towelling sweatband to keep the “dew” off your brows.

Hey, sistas, we truly believe nurses deserve to feel good in their uniform. That's why our scrub caps work like your personal style statements. With unique patterns in sets of three, our scrub hats are here to help you flaunt your awesome personality!

No matter your mood, we've got a pattern for you. It's not just about looking good with a Sistasaidso+ scrub cap—it's about feeling fantastic. We're talking about keeping those spirits high all day long!

And here's a thought, why limit yourself to just scrub caps? Bundle them with our top-selling compression socks! They're like superheroes for boosting blood circulation, and they come in a bunch of vibrant colours and patterns to match your style.

And for those days when you need a bit of extra TLC, check out our soothing sleep masks. They're the perfect sidekick for your self-care routine.

If you're a frontline hero looking to add a dash of personality to your work gear, Sistasaidso+ scrub caps are a game-changer! They’re the ultimate combo of style, comfort, and functionality. Let your personality shine with Sistasaidso+!

Buy Sistasaidso+ 3-Set 'In-Charge:Powder Pink/Apple Green/Mellow Yellow' Scrub Caps Online - Sistasaidso+

What’s the best fabric for scrub caps?

Nursing is hard work, and we need to be able to keep our cool!
Our scrub caps are 100% cotton, ensuring breathability and maximum comfort.

Are these scrub caps one-size-fits-all?

Yes, sista! Our mission is for our scrub caps to hug as many head sizes as possible!  Our Sistasaidso+ scrub caps offer generous sizing with an elasticised back and adjustable ties to ensure you can find your best fit.

How do I care for my stylish scrub cap?

Keep the colours popping and the fabric soft in a cold machine wash with similar colours. Because of their robust cotton composition, our scrub caps are low maintenance. With a little TLC they will remain on high rotation for many years to come.