Collection: Compression Socks

Step right up, Sista! Get ready to add a dash of colour and a whole lot of comfort to your workday with Sistasaidso+ graduated compression socks! These socks are tailor-made for nurses, enhancing blood circulation and reducing discomfort. With every step, they shout, “Sista, you’ve got this!”

Sistasaidso+ compression socks are no ordinary socks; they're a game-changer for professionals who spend their day on their feet or parked at a desk. Nurses, we're looking at you! Our nursing compression socks are designed to give your legs the love they deserve, ensuring improved blood circulation and lessening any discomfort or pain. 

Available in a variety of fun, popping colours and patterns, you can choose to rock a single pair or mix and match with a pack of three. Don’t stop there — bundle them with our funky scrub caps and be the pop of colour that brightens any room. Who said professional wear has to be boring? 

But these socks aren't just about looking good — they're about feeling good too! Our compression socks work tirelessly to enhance your blood circulation, reduce leg fatigue and minimise swelling. The result? You're left feeling more comfortable and supported throughout your workday. So, why settle for less when you can have the best? Step into comfort and style with Sistasaidso+ compression socks. Because every nurse deserves the best

What are the best nursing compression socks?

Sista, if you're looking for the best, you've come to the right place! Our Sistasaidso+ nursing compression socks are the talk of the healthcare town. Crafted with love and thoughtfully manufactured, they embody the perfect balance of style, comfort, and support.

Every nurse deserves the best, and with our graduated compression socks, that's exactly what you get!

What do nursing compression socks do?

At their core, nursing compression socks are your cheerleaders during those long shifts. They help enhance blood circulation, reduce leg fatigue and swelling, ensuring you are more comfortable and supported throughout your workday.

Should nurses wear compression socks every shift?

As fellow nurses, ourselves, we say YES absolutely! Our nurse compression socks are a game changer for long, demanding shifts on your feet. We've all experienced the pain of throbbing feet after a long shift; it is the worst!

Sistasaidso+ graduated compression socks provide optimal support and offer a range of benefits (not just for nurses), such as helping reduce the development of varicose veins and minimising foot and leg swelling, which is associated with pain and fatigue.