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Every sista deserves a dose of style, sass, and comfort, whether they’re on or OFF DUTY™️. Discover the essentials that celebrate nurses – from putting your best foot forward with the perfect compression socks to switching off in our laid-back OFF DUTY™️ apparel. Dive into our all-encompassing range where each product makes a statement and reminds all nurses that: “you’ve got this”.

What's the best way to explore the Sistasaidso+ range?

Right here, Sista! Browse our entire Sistasaidso+ collection on our ‘shop all’ page and you’ll discover all your nursing essentials and a range of stylish must-haves.

Are all products designed with nurses in mind?

Definitely! At Sistasaidso+, we understand the essence of a nurse's journey because, well, we're nurses too! Each product, whether it's our stylish nursing compression socks or our nurse-inspired earrings, is lovingly designed with a focus on comfort, wellbeing, and expression. We take pride in the significant role nurses play, and it's our mission to enhance the wellness and spirit of our nursing community. 

Can I mix and match items from the different Sistasaidso+ ranges?

Of course! Our products are designed to complement each other, so whether you're purchasing something from our earring dispensary, our nursing compression socks range or our reusable cutlery line, rest assured, Sistasaidso+ is here to make sure you feel stylish and comfortable on and OFF DUTY™️!