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Drift into a life of dreamy slumbers with the ultimate shift work essential! Our Sistasaidso+ sleep masks ensure sistas all around the globe are getting first-class sleep (no matter what time of day it is!). Boost your REM sleep with our complete light-blocking technology, maximum comfort, luxurious memory foam and a touch of sass! Tuck yourself in; you’re in for a great sleep!
Sleep Masks for nurses
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At Sistasaidso+, we believe that a good night's sleep is a nurse's best friend! Our sleep masks are like a mini vacation for your eyes. Crafted with high-quality materials, they are the perfect antidote to long, gruelling shifts.

Featuring memory foam cushioning, our sleep masks are light-blocking and uber-comfortable, allowing you to drift off peacefully. Picture it as a cushy cloud-like caress for your eyelids. And the best part? They feature cheeky messages that'll bring a smile to your face, even after a tough day on the ward.

And while you're here, remember to check out our snug compression socks. Crafted to enhance blood circulation, our socks offer a vibrant splash of colours and patterns to choose from and pair perfectly with our stylish scrub caps. Purchase separately or in a handy bundle pack; it’s up to you!

Our sleep masks for nurses offer more than a good night's sleep. They're the epitome of comfort, functionality, and a sprinkle of fun. So, no matter the hour, with Sistasaidso+ sleep masks, it's always lights out for you!

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Why do nurses need these sleep masks?

Every nurse needs high-quality sleep to perform at their best. Our sleep masks are designed with memory foam padding and have contoured cushioning over the eyes to block out the pesky light and ensure maximum comfort.

Bonus: our cheeky messages mean you can make a sassy statement even with your eyes shut.

Are these sleep masks comfortable for prolonged wear?

YES, absolutely! Our Sistasaidso+ sleep masks feature contoured cushioning over the eyes – your eyelashes will thank you! With the adjustable elastic band, you can find your perfect fit!  The 100% nylon outer is gentle on the skin. Wake up feeling and looking refreshed.

Could this be a great gift for a nurse?

Our sleep masks are perfect gifts for nurses!  Not only do they say “I appreciate you, you work hard and you need to prioritise you” but they do it with a cheeky statement which is sure to make them smile!