You may be thinking, "why sista?" - by Jemima Mitchell & Sarah Catling-Seyffer

Some of you might be wondering why we are using the word ‘sista’ in this modern world.  Perhaps you think it sounds old-fashioned or maybe even sexist.  Throughout our nursing careers however, the term ‘sista’ has been one of endearment and unification.  Whether it be by giving your well-respected colleague a nod as you mumble ‘sista’ under your breath, watching two burly male nurses yell out to each other “sista, can you get me a bedpan?” while they are helping a full-nursing-care patient to have a wash or stating “sista, do you need a hug?” after a challenging day. This term is one we hold dear to our hearts. 

Lots of love to all the sistas reading this.

Photo Credit: Peter Maleczek via Flickr

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