Sistasaidso+ - Why the Name?

Sistasaidso+ - Why the Name?

Less than 2 minutes / September 30, 2022

How do you pronounce Sistasaidso+?

Is it s-i-s-t-e-r?

Sista said so: s-i-s-t-a!

It is very possible that you are wondering why we would use the word ‘sista’ in this modern world of nursing.  Perhaps you think it sounds old-fashioned or maybe even sexist.  We get it, without context, this might seem a little confusing - so here’s why:

Throughout our nursing careers, the word ‘sista’ has been a term of endearment; it represents unification and comradery - something we know that all nurses, as team players, can appreciate!  When you give your well-respected colleague a nod as you walk past, while you mumble ‘sista’ under your breath; when you watch the ANUM yell: “sista, can you get me some towels?” while they help a full-nursing-care patient to have a wash; and when someone says to you “sista, do you need a hug?” after a challenging day, the word ‘sista’ offers a sense of warmth and general respect between colleagues of all ages, genders and experience.  It is a term we will always hold dear to our hearts and it is a homage to the incredible nurses who have educated, guided and inspired us throughout our careers. 

Now we hear you asking, what about the ‘said so’?  So often, throughout our nursing careers, we have battled with self-doubt.  The more we openly speak about it, the more other sistas have opened up about their own internal conflicts. 

“Did I miss something?”

“What if it’s my fault that the patient deteriorated?”

“What if people just think I know what I’m doing?”

We are on a mission to help nurses combat the insidious thoughts of uncertainty, to overcome the dreaded imposter syndrome and to tune out the negative self-talk.  The ‘said so’ acts as the armour against the negative inner voice - it is a reminder to us all, as nurses, to back ourselves!

Sistasaidso+ is about more than just the nurses' accessories we sell; we are a passionate community of nurses that feel seen, heard and empowered to set our own boundaries (both in and out of the workplace).  Sistasaidso+ products are a powerful physical reminder of what we are all capable of!

If you are reading this, take this as a warm hug and an accepting nod as we say to you: Sista, you’ve got this x

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Hi! I just discovered your site on Insta. My sisters and I use the term Sista – there are 5 of us, all work at the local hospital! 2 nurses, 1 phlebotomist (rip) 1 ward clerk and 1 kitchen assistant. We are actual sisters and sometimes are all rostered on the same shift (although different departments) Sista is a beautiful term to use, and your explanation of it is perfect. Looking forward to receiving my order!

Angie Moylan

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