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REM Addict Sleep Mask

REM Addict Sleep Mask

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When shift work is kicking your butt, the Sistasaidso+ REM Addict Sleep Mask is your best friend. It helps you get the most out of your precious rest time.

Backed by science that shows sleep masks boost REM sleep, our Sleep Masks are a celebration of your well-deserved rest and a cheeky wink to the night shift life.

May your slumbers be sweet, deep, and unapologetically sassy.


Complete Light Blocking
Our sleep masks are your key to a restful slumber. They shield your eyes and block out all the light so you can drift off to dreamland and wake up feeling refreshed.


Memory Foam Magic
Our sleep masks are like a gentle hug for your eyes. The memory foam padding cushions and seals out light, providing cloud-like comfort that will lull you to sleep.
Light as a Feather With contoured cushioning, your eyes, and yes, those lovely eyelashes, have the space they need to flutter freely in your dreams.


Sleep Masks with Sass
Our Off Duty™️ Sleep Masks are adorned with playful, cheeky messages that are perfect for shift workers. Not only do they block out the light, but they are also a fun way to give shift work a bit of what for!


Evidence-based research tells us that sleep masks encourage better sleep (more REM time!).  Our Sistasaidso+ memory foam sleep masks are designed to ensure sistas all around the globe are getting the best sleep they can, no matter what time of day it is!  The best part.. you'll look cute doing it.. zzz.

Printed with cheeky messages (you pick!), giving night-shift a bit of 'what for?!", these sleep masks offer a range of important features:


Memory foam padding to ensure maximum comfort and an adequate seal

Contoured cushioning over the eyes... your eyelashes will thank you!


Please choose carefully - we do not offer exchanges or refunds for change-of-mind purchases of Sistasaidso+ accessories (earrings, fob watches, scrub caps, sleep masks, protective eyewear and reusable cutlery).  We reserve the right to decline a refund if any of these items are posted to our warehouse without prior correspondence with our team.

Our returns policy can be found here.

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Customer Reviews

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Amber P
So good!

Love the mask! It is so comfortable and feels lush. Helps me get a better sleep, especially on night shift!

Hi Amber! Yay we are so glad it is helping! Good sleep is key. Look after yourself xx