Collection: OFF DUTY™️

Being a nurse means you’re always on – treating, caring, advocating and educating. But every nurse needs to switch off and get into the OFF DUTY™️ mindset. Our OFF DUTY™️ collection of nurse accessories combines your identity as a nurse, with a sense of style and maximum comfort on your days off.

Why are OFF DUTY™️ products different from regular nursing accessories?

OFF DUTY™️ products are uniquely crafted with the nursing identity at heart. They are designed by nurses, for nurses! They’re not just nursing accessories; they’re style statements that celebrate the nursing spirit, even on days off.

Where can I find unique accessories for nurses in Australia?

Look no further, Sista! Our OFF DUTY™️ collection boasts some of the finest nurse accessories Australia has to offer, from comfortable nursing hoodies and jumpers to our earring dispensary (and so much more!). We've designed our nurse accessories with both style and comfort in mind;  Sistasaidso+ is the go-to brand for every Aussie nurse.

What makes your nursing shop different?

First things first, we're nurses - so we get it! Our OFF DUTY™️ nursing accessory range combines the essence of nursing with everyday style. With sleeping masks to maximise your quality of sleep, to reusable cutlery for lunch on the go, our nursing shop curates items that let you live your OFF DUTY™️ moments to the fullest.